"Data will talk to you if you're willing to listen to it"
- Jim Bergeson

Data, Analytics & AI

The amount of data available to businesses is ever-increasing. From back-office systems and ERPs, to field data captured by IoT devices, and everything in between. Despite living in the information age, many businesses struggle to adequately capture their data and translate it into meaningful insights. This is a missed opportunity to better inform themselves, and evaluate data to make become more efficient, identify problems, reduced wastage, and improve planning capabilities.

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Information quality is influenced by the data structures behind it. Selection of the correct storage method and architecture will give you more ways to analyze your data, as well as improve performance. We work with structured and unstructured data types ranging from highly optimized Databases, to Data Warehouses, Cubes, and Data Lakes.


We use Power BI to create rich dashboards and reports that provide your team with actionable insights. No matter where your data lives, be it cloud, or on-premise, we can connect to hundreds of data sources to expose your data. Reports can be published internally, or shared with external parties as needed.


The future is already here. Despite the AI doomsday scenarios, practical AI is already changing the way people do business. We find innovative ways of infusing cloud-based AI, Cognitive Services, and Bots to transform your business with services such as facial recognition, natural language processors, and text recognition to name a few.

Power BI

Microsoft's Power BI is a best of breed business analytics tool that empowers users to create and share beautiful reports, allowing co-workers to consume them on the web, and across all popular mobile platforms. Recognized by Gartner as the leader for Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms, Power BI includes the following features:

  • Free to install and use
  • Over 100 connectors available for popular data sources
  • Mobile & tablet apps available for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Deskop & web versions available
  • Manage access to your reports with permissions
  • Share reports with external users
  • Embed reports into SharePoint and other websites

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