"The future of mobile apps is now"
- Forbes Technology Council

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps are at the heart of business productivity. They are becoming increasingly important with regard to the mobile workforce. To support employee productivity, organizations require apps that allow their workers to connect to business systems from anywhere, at any time. Thought Cloud specializes in the development of field service applications that allow employees to capture and report data remotely, yet without the constraints of traditional paper-based methods.

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Growth in the mobile devices sector and mobile apps is not slowing down. By 2021 there will be 1.5 mobile devices per capita, and mobile network connection speeds will have increased by threefold 1. We have deep experience in developing custom mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms using Swift, Java, Kotlin, React Native, Xamarin, and PowerApps.


At least half of your website visitors are on mobile devices. Responsive Web Apps are critical to ensure a consistent look and feel across desktop, tablet, and mobile screen resolutions to ensure that visitors can easily access your content. We create user-experience-driven web apps using modern front-end frameworks like ReactJS and Angular.


Desktop is not dead! In fact desktop apps are still the best choice when performance and security are a concern. They can access local resources, and are therefore highly performant, yet still have the ability to sync with other apps and the cloud. There are many situations in which desktop apps should be considered in your strategy.


We specialize in using PowerApps to rapidly create and deploy custom line of business applications for web and mobile with little or no code. The apps are available directly in your private Office365 environment for users on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. PowerApps is already included with most Office 365 subscriptions, and provides a substantial ROI compared to traditional mobile application development due to the shorter development timeframes. Ask us for a live demo and find out how we can use PowerApps to create custom solutions for your business.

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PowerApps Training

PowerApps was created by Microsoft to allow "information workers" to quickly and easily create custom line of business applications without needing to write code. Apps can be created using the free PowerApps Studio desktop tool, or the web version, and can be deployed internally without the need for a lengthy AppStore approval processes. Our one-day workshops will show you how to become productive with PowerApps and Flow.

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