The Nintex Foxtrot Advantage

Nintex has for a long time been atop of the heap in terms of its Process Automation capabilities. With it’s ubiquitous workflows tools, initiallly built to run on the SharePoint platform, but now also capable of running independently in the Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC). Strong integration capabilities with SalesForce, and Box, eSignatures via Nintex Sign, rich analytics with Hawkeye, and more. The icing on the cake was the acquisition of Promapp, a disruptive cloud-based service for creating and collaborating on Process Flows.

It seemed like Nintex had it all, but there was one thing missing - RPA! As Nintex Partners, and long-term Nintex product users, we felt that this was the remaining piece of the puzzle needed for Nintex to become the unofficial one-stop-shop for end-to-end process utopia. You could imagine then, that we were pretty excited when Nintex announced its acquisition of Enablesoft and Foxtrot RPA.

Nintex is providing enterprises with a complete digital business platform that can handle everything from workflow and content automation to digital transaction management to the last mile of automation with RPA. Nintex has transformed from its roots in workflow automation to become one of the most complete process platforms on the market today - Jim Lundy, Aragon Research CEO

Foxtrot RPA had already garnered a solid reputation in the RPA software market, evidenced by an overall rating of 5/5 on the independent software review website Capterra. As a mature product, with a well-rounded set of features, easy to use, and a competitive price-point, Foxtrot RPA delivers stand-alone value. This bodes well with us, but we feel the most upside is in the growth potential of Foxtrot, now that it is part of the Nintex family.

With Nintex behind Foxtrot RPA, including strong R&D capabilities, world-class marketing, and the Nintex community, we are excited to watch it grow beyond its already impressive feature-set. The big advantage for existing (and new) Nintex customers, is that the Foxtrot RPA road-map will be closely aligned with the Nintex product suite. This means improved synergies between products, and we can already see this with the latest release of Nintex Foxtrot RPA version 15.0, where support has already been added for allowing users to connect directly to the Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Additional advantages include:

  • Pricing - Nintex Foxtrot RPA is very competitively priced by comparison to industry peers. 
  • Pricing Model  - the Nintex Foxtrot RPA pricing model is similar to the existing Nintex pricing model, and is easy to follow.
  • One-stop-shop – no need to deal with a separate vendor for your workflow needs, and another for your RPA needs
  • Faster time-to-market – As mentioned, Foxtrot RPA will work more cohesively with other Nintex products, therefore reducing implementation efforts, resulting in a faster time to market
  • Support – using Nintex as your end-to-end process automation suite means you only need to deal with one vendor for support. This is particularly helpful if dealing with complex issues that may require input from more than one product team (imagine doing this across two or three vendors!)
  • Bundling – this doesn’t exist for Foxtrot RPA at the moment, but being part of a product family, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nintex introduce bundles that include workflows and bots.

We look forward to the evolution of Nintex Foxtrot RPA, and feel this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more articles and insights, as we explore Foxtrot in greater detail over the coming weeks.

About The Author

Daren Kovacevic
Daren's time in IT has mostly been spent in the Software field, architecting and developing solutions with .NET and SharePoint. He also spent several years in a Business Intelligence team, eventually founding Thought Cloud in 2011, and now works closely with clients to help them maximize returns on their technology investments.